Thursday, October 26, 2006

Low Carbohydrate Recipes

Nowadays you shouldn't be having problems finding low carbohydrate recipes. Popular protein diets that introduce low carbs recipes can be a good place to start. The South Beach Diet for example is perfect. This diet helps you with amounts of proteins you should consume and introduces some sensible and very important carbohydrates. You can also go to the bookstore and find some low carbohydrate recipes there. There are tons of cook books that offer wonderful low carbohydrate recipes. You just have to find one that will suit any tastes. Many of these publications can be even bought online at very reasonably priced.

Maybe you are one of those people who lost weight on a high protein weight loss program. If you are, congratulations. But you also might be one of those who are afraid of gaining their pounds right back. I have a solution for you. You have to find low carbohydrate recipes that you can apply to your weight maintenance. If you have succeeded with high protein diet you probably know that if you are not careful, you will gain those pounds right back. But you don't want to eat fish and chicken for the rest of your life i suppose. Who wants to eat nothing but proteins? There is more to life. Plenty low carbohydrate recipes are out there just waiting to satisfy your taste and you will get to keep your figure. You must know that low carbohydrate recipes are at the same time also healthy recipes. If you add a lot of carbohydrates to your diet it will make you gain on a few pounds, that's for sure. But if you decide for low carbohydrate recipes that offer portion control you will be able to control your weight.

It's not a secret that high protein diets are absolutely fantastic if you want to loose weight very fast. As I mentioned earlier we also know that those pounds can jump right back. So you have to make sure that you follow a sensible maintenance program. You may enjoy some of carbs but make sure that you include plenty of low carbohydrate recipes. You have to stick to your plan if you want to maintain you weight. If you don't want to go to the bookstore you can easily find low carbohydrate recipes right online. You can find tons of information on low carbohydrate recipes and low carbohydrate cooking. The effort you will put into finding great low carbohydrate recipes will be minimal and you will be able to stay fit.

I always encourage people to look for things they need online. We live in modern age and there is not a thing you won't find online. I might have sad this in many of my posts before but I feel that folks are not aware of this possibility.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Italian Cooking

I am not particularly picky when it comes to food. I just like to eat good. Tasting different foods from different countries is a pleasure for me. I like Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Spanish and many other cuisines. However, my favorite is Italian cooking. I don't speak Italian language but I sure like Italian food. There are even specialist cooking vacations available, where you can go some place nice and be taught how to cook by a cooking expert. I'd love to do an Italian cooking one and come home able to make the perfect spaghetti sauce. Every Italian family is supposed to have a secret recipe for the sauce and pass it on to the next generation or take it to their grave. I know that the frantic lifestyle of people, especially in cities, is having an effect on the cooking traditions of different countries. It turned out that the younger generation of French women, who have careers, don't have the same interest in cooking. I hope that this doesn't affect Italian cooking too badly, and they don't succumb to microwaved ready meals like the rest of us.

Italian restaurants are one of the best. They have very friendly waiters and quality service including domestic atmosphere. I like to experiment with Italian cooking myself, with varying degrees of success. I imagine that the everyday food of the Italians and the restaurant dishes we are all familiar with are somewhat different. I'd like to go to Florence one day. It's an old city in Tuscany. It would be awesome to be invited into the home of an ordinary people. I bet the meals would be incredible. I think Peasant cooking is the term. Please do not take that as an insult, it just means ordinary people cooking with fresh ingredients. It would be sin to use fancy sauces from a supermarket. Freshly baked bread with a slice of Gorgonzola cheese on the top and a good Italian wine can be the finest meal.

I have a small herb garden. It's not even a garden actually. It's just a small spot reserved for herbs that I use in my cooking. I like to grow the herbs that are used regularly in Italian cooking as in other international cooking too. Rosemary, oregano. marjoram and basil are used on daily basis. I like to make my own special dressings for various salads, like potato salad or chicken salad for example. I also love Italian bread. I try to buy it as much as possible. Many people assume that Italian food is only pizza and pasta. We can not deny these are popular but there is so much more to Italian cooking. Regional differences just add to the excitement. Maybe you didn't know this but Italians eat pasta as a starter and not as a main course. When you're making pasta or rice, don't overcook them. Rather go for al dente, there's nothing worse than soggy and overcooked pasta.

But I think a non-pasta appetizers are quite nice. The ingredients are salami or prosciutto and also seafood like mussels and prawns. Mix in with some melons and figs and it will be delicious. Italian cooking contains many soup recipes. Italian soups and stews are often thick and very nutritious. Just like chicken soup. I love Roman beef stew, it's made of bacon and beef that are cooked in red wine. You should try it if you'll have a chance! If you have any leftovers including pasta, you can use them again anytime.

As you see there is many interesting Italian cooking no just pasta and pizza! So try and make something special for your family, something they don't eat every day. Take your time and put some love in your cooking. Then sit down, relax and eat in peace and quiet. Try to make some homemade Italian cooking and I can tell you, you won't be sorry!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chicken Soup

I gotta tell you that I just love chicken. So let's continue with poultry. Let's find out how a good chicken soup is made. Chicken soup is a favorite around the world and has been so for centuries. There are probably as many recipes out there as there are chicken soup cooks!

Making a chicken soup is very easy. All you need for your chicken soup, are some chopped vegetables and chicken of course and you can put in a few herbs if you like. Soup requires little supervision or no supervision at all while cooking. You can combine you chicken soup with other dishes and you can make a whole meal out of it. You can take chicken breasts and make some chicken salad, add some bread to it and you have a inexpensive and very healthy meal. You will have almost no cleaning up to do, since you do not need many pots and pans.

You've probably heard all about famous chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup is cure for the flu or cold, or any other illness. Many scientists have tried to discover why chicken soup works so well. Until today they still haven't discovered the magic and the secret of the chicken soup.

For a recuperative chicken noodle soup you must always include specific ingredients. They are broth, chicken, parsley and garlic and of course indispensable noodles. Make the broth by simmering the chicken (with skin, fat and bones) in water for two to three hours. It depends on the amount you are cooking. Skim away any stuff that floats on the surface. When the broth achieves a nice deep color you should remove the chicken. Now it's time to get rid of all that fat skin and bones. But before you do that add your parsley, garlic, noodles and any other vegetables you like. Any vegetable that you like is fine. Chop the chicken into smaller pieces and put it back into the broth along with vegetables and spices and herbs. You can leave the breasts out and make a chicken salad as I mentioned earlier. The noodles and vegetables are done in 15 minutes or so. So let those cook for 15 minutes and you are done.

Chicken is healthy choice for the your soup. It has a lot of proteins and is low in fat at the same time. It's also less expensive, and is easy to digest. Chicken soup can be made as a simple broth, a bisque. You can add tomatoes or you can add some milk or sour cream and you get a nice creamy chicken soup. Chicken soup is a filling and tasteful meal. Its one that most grownups and kids like!

Here are a few vegetable combinations you might try if you wish. You can try various other combinations that you consider to go together. Or you can try your grandmothers recipes and her combo. These are the combination of vegetables that I found appealing:

Snow peas, water chestnuts, red bell pepper
Broccoli, mushrooms and onion
Celery, carrots, parsley and onion
Potatoes, peas, carrots and onion
Mushrooms, corn, and red bell pepper

Any chicken soup you make, pure chicken soup or chicken noodles soup, chicken soup with noodles and vegetables or without, chicken noodle soup was and will remain delight for ages to come. Chicken soup can be made with almost any vegetables. If you find some left overs vegetables in your refrigerator don't waste them. Make some delicious chicken soup and make the best out of it. Your family will love the soup and you'll avoid wasting vegetables. That will save you some money and money. With rising food costs this is a win-win meal. So next time you will know what to do with those vegetables. Put them in the chicken soup.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Chicken Salad Recipes

We will be talking about a salad again, only this time we won't be talking about a potato salad recipes but chicken salad recipes. There are more chicken salad recipes out there than you could possibly imagine. I have tried quite a few of them, but none to date has been even half as good as the one that my mother makes. Of course, no chicken salad recipe could really compare to the intensity of childhood which colors these early memories of her cooking. She loved cooking, and she especially loved to cook up a lot of chicken. She would whip out one of her famous chicken salad recipes in the summer, and would have chicken with squash in the winter. In the fall, it would be served with carrots, onions, and all other manner of delicious autumnal foods, and in the spring she would cook up the chicken with delicious spring greens fresh from our garden. Every time of the year had it's own chicken salad recipe and every single one tasted like it was a godsend.

Of course, there is a lot of room for different tastes in chicken salad recipes. What is delicious to me may not be all that good for you, and the other way around. That is why there are so many chicken salad recipes available – different flavors for different folks. I have even sometimes seen chicken salad recipes made with barbecued chicken. This can be absolutely delicious if the chicken is smoked first, and then grilled. To be honest, just writing about it is making me hungry.

Many people fail to see the wide variety of possibilities which chicken salad recipes really has to offer. In my opinion, many people use the same old basic chicken salad recipes, without really thinking of all of the variations which are possible. You can, for example, put in nuts and fruits, and keep the may content very low. Otherwise, you can use capers, olives, and onions to have a spicy, salty chicken salad recipe which will just simply be delicious. The choice is up to you, and it is quite worth spending the time it takes to experiment with all of the ways that this delicious kind of food can be cooked up. I have this little secret recipe. I am still working on it and maybe I will post it online once I will be happy with it. I am perfectionist when it comes to food. So even the simple recipes like chicken salad recipes have to do perfect before I tell anyone about my recipes.

One day I decided to look around on the Internet for some chicken salad recipes. I found very easy and very cheap solution. So if you are looking for chicken salad recipe you can find it in

Good Cooking - The New Basics: Chicken and Moroccan Salad

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Good Cooking - The New Basics: Chicken and Moroccan Salad