Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Health Benefits Of Green Tea Including Weight Loss

Green tea has certainly gained it's popularity in recent years. Many people would like to try natural herbs to maintain their health level or even improve it. That's why many people have chosen to substitute a coffee for a cup of healthy green tea. Some people have realized that green tea is far more beneficial then a cup of coffee.

Green tea is derived from the same plant as black tea. They are just processed on two different ways. Green tea contains polyphenols, known as catechins, which are powerful antioxidants. As shown in recent studies they fight viruses, slow down aging, and free radicals that can damage human cells and cause cancer or any other diseases. Many people believe that if you increase the amount of antioxidants in your diet you may reduce your risk of different forms of cancer. I am also among those people.

Different brands of green tea do not contain the same levels of antioxidants. You can actually find a wide variation from one brand to another. Quality green tea can be purchased just about everywhere, including natural grocers and online. The exact levels of catechins may or may not be printed and the back of the packaging, so I suggest you to check that out before purchasing green tea. If you want to increase the benefits of green tea, then choose a brand with a higher content of these powerful antioxidants.

I believe that this is truly one of the benefits of green tea. Therefore it's absolutely worthwhile adding it to your lets say breakfast menu. But that's not all. Green tea also lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It fights allergies, and improves the immune system. There are many healthy benefits you can gain from drinking just a cup or two of green tea per day. Caffeine is found in coffee and also in green tea. That's why it is a good idea to consume only the amount that you can handle. Like I sad, cup or two should be enough for one day. Too much of green tea can therefor also affect your sleep if you drinks too much. I suggest you keep your consumption of green tea limited to early in the day.

If you already are a tea drinker why don't you become a green tea drinker? Green tea comes in many different varieties. Honey and the peppermint green tea can be very refreshing. Drinking nice fresh cup of green tea is very much enjoyable and it will also improve your health as well. I think that drinking a cup of green tea is absolutely worth doing. When browsing online I found great Green Sampler. It is a wonderful introduction to the wide range of green teas, including: green pekoe - light daily brew from China hojicha - charcoal-roasted tea from Japan citron green - green tea with lemon & lime sencha - smooth everyday tea from Japan gunpowder - smoky tea from coastal China. Green Sampler is available at Adagio Teas.

Every day people try to loose a few pounds. Every single day we are being shot at with "effective" weight loss diets and products. One of the benefits of green tea is in fact weight loss. You can drink the green tea hot or cold. But some people also take it in the form of a pill. Just be careful. OD is not a thing you want to remember your green tea experience by. Knowing all the benefits of green tea it's easy to see why it should be replacing regular tea or that cup of coffee in the morning.

Many health conscience people look for natural alternatives to fight off illness, allergies and chronic diseases. One of the most popular natural food or drinks choices is green tea because of its known benefits. We have heard all kinds of doctors and experts telling us how to take better care of our health. There is a lot of confusing and conflicting information circling around about what is and isn't good for our health. But there is no confusion when it comes to green tea. Green tea is a beverage that will do you good. With known benefits of green tea you will live a long and happy life. :)
Green Sampler

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

From Gourmet To Christmas Cookie Gift Baskets

There is no need for cookie gift baskets to include only and exclusively cookies. You can include brownies, bars and fudge for a nice selection of treats that will still count as cookie gift baskets. Cookie gift baskets can be nice surprise these days. In the celebration of this special time of year, you have got to allow for a few extra calories. If you'll gain some extra weight then will can take them off in the coming year! But In the meantime relax and enjoy.

Thousands and thousands of delicious cookie recipes are available on the Internet. Christmas is not far away now. You probably get a lot of advertising mail in your mailbox these days. Check that mail out. Maybe you will find useful Christmas recipe about chocolate chip cookies or cookie gift baskets. Also check out your local newspapers and/or magazines. If you love cookies, you probably have plenty cookie recipes at hand right now. You'll might want to include all kind of cookies in your cookie gift baskets. You can add sugar cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies or gingerbread for example. Some fudge will not kill you either. Cinnamon cookies also speak to the holiday season and chocolate chip cookies are my all time favoured. Spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves make a good cookie taste even better. These cookies are usually less caloric. Spices give the extra sweetness and tend to be bit more healthful.

If there is just a little bit of artist in you then you can make your own cookie gift baskets. Select an attractive basket and lining. add some stylish silver or gold paper and some colored cellophane to make a nice background. Add some ribbon or lace on the top of you cookie gift basket. If you like you can add the recipes that you followed when making these cookies. Just make sure you wright down all ingredients and procedure so that there won't be any disappointments and complaints later.

When planning your recipes for cookie gift baskets, consider the taste of a person you're baking this cookies for. If your neighbour is crazy for chocolate chip cookies, you might want to search out variations of this famous cookie. There are recipes that include nuts, peanuts, cinnamon and raisins and lots and lots more. Make an entire cookie gift basket based on chocolate chip cookies with different additions or flavours. Your friend may enjoy a selection of fruit based or filled cookies. Include your recipes for each selection, so that they can enjoy it all the way. If your recipient is open to all cookies, decadent and calorie-rich, accommodate them! Here's where fudge and butter-rich cookies come into their own.

If your are not much of a cook or you are to busy to make your own cookie gift baskets, don't worry. I found an easy way out. You will save a lot of time and hard work. Mrs. Beasley's Holiday Cookie Basket, 24 Cookies is what you are looking for. No doubt. At Mrs. Beasley's you can find everything from Mrs. Beasley's Baby Gifts to Mrs. Beasley's Cookie Baskets. The selection is unbelievable. Hundreds and hundreds of various product to choose from. All kinds of gifts, baskets, boxes and tines, snacks, cookies, brownies, candy, nuts, corporate gifts, wine and so on and so on...

As you can see you have two choices available. With just a little thought, you can make many different outstanding cookie gift baskets to suit even your demanding costumer. If your are making these cookie gift baskets for cookie lovers your assignment shouldn't be to hard. Just do your best and use some imagination and with just an little effort you should make wonderful cookie gift baskets. But if you are not good at baking cookies or making cookie gift baskets, or you are not much of a cook in general; don't hesitate and visit Mrs. Beasley's homepage and simply order a cookie gift baskets that you or your friends like most.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

There are tons of options when it comes to baking chocolate chip cookies and mixing ingredients up is a great way to make the same old chocolate chip cookie a little bit special. Many recipes can be found in various baking cook books and you can even consult a experienced cook for some fresh ideas as well. No matter which recipe you decide to choose you can be pretty sure that the chocolate chip cookies will disappear in no time. Chocolate chip cookies are perhaps one of the favorite treats that are loved by children and adults alike. Chocolate chip cookie is the most requested cookie in my family. As the holidays approach I often find people scrambling to find the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies.

The Internet is a center of information for a mass of topics, so you can start searching for new recipes for chocolate chip cookies to add them to your collection of recipes. One very positive thing about the Internet is that you can find information extremely quickly and you can print out the recipes as you search. You will have a bunch of different chocolate chip cookie recipes to try. That way I came up with a great idea and now you can try it too. You can create a special chocolate chip cookie gift basket that is filled with various chocolate chip cookies and every cookie is based on a different recipe. Make every arrangement a little bit different than other. Make sure that you include satisfying amount your favorite chocolate chip cookies. You can not go wrong if you use your secret recipe that has been used in your family for years. Or maybe you can make up your own recipe that will become famous in the years to come. Many people will swear that the best chocolate chip cookies are made right from this traditional recipes. So no matter how many different approaches you will try, always make sure that you have a few dozen traditional chocolate chip cookies in your chocolate chip cookie gift basket.

Of course you can bake many many different types of cookies but there is no cookie like chocolate chip cookie. No matter how many versions you will try you won't go wrong with this particular treat. Chocolate chip cookies can become your personal and favorite baking recipe. There comes time when baking just isn’t possible because of busy schedule. When that time comes you can order chocolate chip cookies online. In that case I have a perfect solution for you. That perfect solution is called Mrs. Beasley's Cookie Baskets. You should most definitely check that out. They have products in range from 30$ to 230$. In case you are wondering what kind of chocolate cookie is worth 230$, click on this picture and find out.
Mrs. Beasley's Ultimate Beasley Tower, 60-70 Servings

Don't think that these online cookies are not as good as yours. When it comes down to buying cookies, Mrs. Beasley's chocolate chip cookies are my first choice. They are worth every penny and maybe you will even get a little jealous when you'll try them. The only treat that tastes better than chocolate chip cookies are double chocolate chip cookies! :)

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