Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Raw Foods

We live in in stressful world these days. People are getting more and more health conscience with every day. Many people who wish to live healthy life swear on raw food menu or raw food diet if you wish. This is not such a bad idea if you really think about it but you have to be careful that your diet is well organized and well balanced. In most cases fruits and vegetables are considered as healthiest raw foods. Of course you can try other things as well. With this diet you have to be very careful, because you must enter enough proteins into you body, so that you can function normally and stay healthy. Without proteins you won't stay strong and healthy for long. that's way a raw food diet is a bit more complex then you might think.

There are many ways how to make a raw food meal. The most simple way is to make salad. Chop some lettuce and tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots, mix them up and you have a nice healthy salad. Add any kind of vegetables you like. there are no limits at all. You can also make fruit salad. It is the same procedure as when making a vegetables salad. Get some fruits that you love, or just get fruits that you will love to try, but you haven't a the chance to try them until now. These kind of raw foods can be very satisfying and filing. You just have to make sure that you are getting a big variety of different raw foods.

This kind of raw foods, like salads, can become boring after a while. No matter how hard you will try to be unique and original preparing raw foods I am positive that you will get bored after rather quickly. It is the same with every type of food not just with raw foods. I mean if I had to eat pizza every day I would eventually get sick and tired of eating pizza. I know some people who are eating raw eggs. This is what many athletes do every morning. This is how they get their shot of proteins for the day so that they can work out or practise. but you wanna be careful with this. You can get infected with a bacteria that can make you sick. But if you are a risk taker, you can try it. If you get infected you will probably throw up and get diarrhea. The chances of getting sick aren't that slim. My advice is to avoid raw foods like eggs if you don't want to get sick.

I know some vegetarians. Some of them decided one day to become vegetarians and I heard them say they won't eat meat anymore. This is not healthy way to do it. Before you quit meat you have to find replacement for meat. Meat contains several very important proteins that are found only in meat. So if you decide to quit meat, you have to find a replacement, you have to find something that contains B12 for example. So you have to say I won't eat meat anymore, but i will have this and that instead of meat, so that I will gain those vitamins and proteins that I need. This is the way to do it.

Raw foods can become or stay the biggest part of you diet. but I recommend you add some cooked food anyway. Get some lean piece of meat like chicken or turkey breasts or a nice piece of fish. Cooked them and mixed them into your raw vegetable salad. This way you will get you daily proteins very easily. Now you have more choices available and you might not get bored so quickly after all. Boredom is the biggest diet killer out there. It can go well for a while but you will get bored eventually. I am sure. I know i would. So every time you feel like you are getting sick and tired of one diet or raw foods, or whatever try to add something new. Just go on the Internet and look up for something interesting. information is just sitting there and waiting for you to read it. Do that before you find your self sitting on the sofa with one pound piece of chocolate cake and a gallon of coca-cola. Every food gets boring if you eat it every day. neither pizza nor raw food are not immune to this. Raw foods are healthy. Just watch out that it doesn't become boring.