Thursday, January 4, 2007

Coffee Alternatives

Almost everybody enjoys their first cup of coffee in the morning. On the other hand some people actually despise or even hate the taste of coffee. They also find the smell of fresh ground coffee repelling. I know people that can get nauseous if they are exposed to the smell or taste of the coffee. It is impossible to expect that entire world will love coffee. What these people need is coffee alternative. Today you can find a variety of coffee alternative beverages. Maybe you already have a coffee alternative? I love the taste and smell of whole bean coffee but I am trying to minimize the amount I drink per day. I prefer green tea now. Health benefits of green tea are well known. Coffee on the other hand contains a lot of caffeine.

Let me tell you how I found a coffee alternative. I was at a coffee shop one day. At first I was looking for a nice fresh cup of coffee. Suddenly my eyes stopped moving when I saw ice latte. This could be my perfect coffee alternative but I have tried one of those a few times so I searched further. It tastes good but just wasn't what I was looking for that morning. I wasn't sure what I was looking for. I just wanted to try something new. When I saw a green tea offer my mind was made up. Making a decision wasn't even that difficult knowing all the health benefits of green tea. Now I stop every day to get a cup of fresh green tea. I have to say green tea is perfect coffee alternative. Even though I still like a sip of hot cup of coffee every now and then. You know how it goes. One teaspoon of sugar and some cream or milk. Everybody sins and I am not an exception.

I realized that I just jumped from one habit to another but this one is at least healthy. Coffee is not what it used to be. These days you can find more healthier ways to start your day by drinking coffee alternatives. Franchise coffee shops all over the country are offering many types of coffee alternatives. You just have to pick one out. I decided for green tea and you can decide for anything you like. Majority of people like coffee but this days is modern to be different, it is cool not to be like everyone else. So be something else. If everyone drink it, it doesn't mean you have to as well.

Next time you are in the coffee shop looking for your daily dose of coffee you might consider a coffee alternative. We all drink to much stuff filled with caffeine, from coffee to coke. Try something with less caffeine or even completely without caffeine. Or you can simply try to drink a glass of water. It might help. Heh maybe a cold glass of water can become a coffee alternative.